Smarter Decisions with Magento’s Business Intelligence (MBI)

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Almost everyone in today’s climate prefers to shop online. Why not try to take advantage of the best of the business and go with Magento?

Built on open source technology, it involves the usual functionality of an e-commerce site, but with solid functionality in the way you control things. Although the average person can configure Magento for the most part, there will come a time when your skills will not be enough and you will need a team of experts. You can also connect it with your CRM to examine customer buying behaviors with high precision. This is an advantage that Magento Business Intelligence has over its competitors.

The theme in Magento is also solid, the customization that can be achieved in it can result in all the varieties of sites that are pleasing in the eyes of the customer.

Magento Business Intelligence
Magento Business Intelligence, or MBI for short, is a powerful analysis tool that will change the way you view the data captured by Magento. Your role will not matter when you use MBI as it will provide valuable information to anyone who uses it. This cloud-based system will allow you to view the performance indicators or performance of your e-commerce website. Also present are numerous customizable dashboards that make the process more agile.

Any important questions you might have like: How does my retention rate compare to average? What channels will help me get the most loyal customers? And what is the cost-benefit analysis of a customer based on their lifetime value? All of these will be answered efficiently through MBI and its intuitive dashboards.

Being a cloud-based system, you can log in from anywhere. The platform is suitable for both business and technical users.

Visualize your data
Magento Business Intelligence currently has twelve display options present. These provide a refreshing way to view progress and trends, each option can be used in its use case and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Scalar reports are used to display unique numeric values. Table view is especially useful if you need to see large groups of numbers. Variations of the column view are also available if a simpler but informative view is needed at this time. The variations are the simple column view and the stacked column view. MBI is also adding new display options, such as the new scatter chart and bubble chart. This, along with the ample space for Magento customization, allows for a more complete view and in-depth analysis.

There are also some other useful functions like:

  • Email summaries
  • Create and edit reports
  • SQL report generator
  • Google Analytics data source integration
  • User accounts with advanced user permissions
  • Managing metric definitions

MBI Essentials and Pro
The general package is available in two different variants. In both, you will find all the necessary tools for an analytical view. A new entrant to the market, or someone new to data analysis as a whole, will find that the Essentials version is powerful enough for the job, too. Depending on the nature or scope of your business, you may find that one package is more suitable than the other.

MBI Essentials
The focus here is on business growth. MBI Essentials has access to most of the features like Pro. This lightweight version is not as simple as you think, the functionality also includes access to 75 performance reports. The package also includes dashboards that are tailored with B2B merchants in mind.

The Pro version is a solution that has a better focus on unlocking the full potential of any business e-commerce opportunity. Both versions also access and extract data from CRM like SugarCRM. MBI Pro has the advantage in that it also organizes data from external sources, as well as being fully customizable and allowing users to access API and live access support. Also, you can maximize the functionality of your business by integrating Magento with any CRM. You will also find that some of the limits will be removed, such as access to performance reports. That is unlimited access to the number of dashboards, predefined reports, Magento trading tables, professional services, and twice as many SaaS user accounts.


Magento Business Intelligence is a robust analytics platform. It will allow you to get much more out of your existing data and will empower you to make much better decisions. With the power of the cloud, you can use its features from anywhere in the world. With so many ways to visualize data, your business will have a much better understanding of its performance than before. So add MBI to your Magento now and reap the benefits of the cloud!


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